How to Buy the Perfect Pair of White Wedding Shoes?

Are you busy putting together your look for your upcoming wedding? This is a very exciting phase in your life but it can also be very exhausting! There are so many different things to buy that it is easy to get completely confused. Your wedding shoes, small as they are, are sure to cause you the maximum problem because it is not easy to choose them. As a matter of fact, a lot of retailers don’t even stock white wedding shoes because there is very limited and specific demand for them.

White Wedding Shoes

You’ll have to consider many important factors when selecting the right pair of wedding shoes for your special day. Its best to ask the following questions when selecting these shoes:

Which shade of white is just right?

The answer to this question depends on the colour of your dress. If you are going to wear a pure white dress then it is best to choose a bright white pair of shoes as well. However, the shoes won’t look as good when worn with a cream dress. It is best to make sure that the dress and shoes are a close match. Thankfully, you’ll find lots of different shades to choose from. Keep in mind also that the material of the shoe (velvet, satin, lace) will also contribute to subtle changes in shade.

Does the embellishment on the shoe match the dress?

While satin shoes will match with just about anything, there are many more options to consider. Shoes covered with lace will look perfect if your dress has some lace as well. Look for shoes decorated with pearls or diamante if you think they will go with your dress.

Which style suits you the best?

If you feel that strappy sandals look better on your feet than court shoes, they buy them by all means. You could also consider wearing peep toe heels as a compromise between the two.

Is it comfortable to wear?

You’ll be making a big mistake if you disregard the answer to this question. You can hardly expect to be happy on your biggest day if your shoes are pinching. Make sure that you pick a pair that is the right size for you and is easy to stand and walk in.  It should not cause uncomfortable and ugly bunching of the skin or toes.

Is the price right?

Don’t splurge beyond a reasonable limit on your wedding shoes because you’re not really going to be wearing them very often. Of course, you do need a classy looking pair and should be prepared to spend money to build the perfect look, but it is best to look around for the best price.

Make sure that you buy the shoes after you select the dress so that you know what to look for. It’s a good idea to take someone who knows about fashion with you when you set out to buy your wedding shoes. You are sure to need a bit of help when the choices start to get completely confusing!

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